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Green Fairy works in partnership to provide case management systems that are both unique and innovative to the world of finance, legal, property management, high court enforcement and many more. To find out more visit our partners website at

The Case management systems have been built from the ground up to enable your business to grow through smart use of cutting-edge technology that can be customised to suit you ideal processes whether you be a large corporation with multiple workflows or a SME that requires a few that are personalised.

The case management systems allow easy management of clients and operations on the same platform and at the same time. The management software aims to make day-to-day business the most efficient it can be by allowing management of the whole plrocess in one easy to use product.

The case management system is customisable to adapt to any workflow that you would like to implement at no extra cost, meaning the system is truly flexible to any given task.

The case management software is cloud based so there is no need for expensive servers and the contractual costs are minimal, as you only have to pay a small monthly licence fee using the system.

What are the specialist features?:

  • Complete package: The Case management system helps manage business processes from accounts to management of an individual customer’s case. The day to day running of an organisation can all be done through the system with built in messaging system to clients, manual and automatic case allocation, apps for managers and/or clients, built in letters and forms customised for your business, mangement reporting and automated custom reports for clients as well as integration with tracing providers, dialler systems and SMS.
  • Client portals: You have direct access to everything stored on the case management software, so can manage your business’s day to day running without any of the hosting stress.
  • Industry leading apps: The apps are leading the field in the property management, enforcement and utility sectors as they are compatible with many leading Apple and Android app managers, which allows automatic downloading of management information from a mobile phone. The app is currently being used in the field by 1000's of agents with the biggest advantage being the phone does not need to be online or with a signal to transmit information meaning no matter where your team is you will know what they are doing, their location and be in a position to send important communication to them and them to you.

Why should I be interested in Green Fairy’s case management software?

  • No long term contracts

  • Industry leading mobile Apps for field agents, property management, utilities and enforcement

  • ISO 2700:2013 Information Security Management Certification and passed SRA checks

  • All you pay is a monthly fee for the licenses you use – the more licenses you use the cheaper the product becomes!

Contact Green Fairy today on 01789336111  or, alternatively fill in our contact form, to find out more about our case management software and the huge benefits it can provide your company with.

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